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Come and Take It Flag aka 'The Old Cannon Flag' (Texas Revolution)

Come and Take It Flag aka 'The Old Cannon Flag' (Texas Revolution)

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"'Come and Take It' Flag (The Old Cannon Flag)"

The flags used during the Texas Revolution represented the diverse beliefs of the settlers of the period. In a few designs, the flag signified the desire for reconciliation with Mexico and a return to government based on the Mexican Constitution of 1824. Most of the flags, however, represented the Texan’s desire for total independence from Mexico, and their willingness to fight and die for that cause.

One of the best known of the flags of the Revolution is the “Come and Take It” flag used at the Battle of Gonzales. It was later described also as “The Old Cannon Flag” by Noah Smithwick, one of the participants in the skirmish. According to Smithwick, the flag “consisted of a breadth of white cotton cloth about six feet long, in the centre of which was painted in black a picture of the old cannon, above it a lone star and beneath it the words, ‘Come and Take It.'” (©


Ideal for Toy Collectors, Gamers and Enthusiasts, this flag is made from high quality vinyl, wrapped and fitted to purpose made plastic flag pole. Designed primarily for 1/32 Scale Toy Soldiers.
Inspired by the Britains Deetail range*, Britains Flags have been recreated using only the best modern-day, high-quality printing methods. This means that they are of a superior finish and are long lasting and perfect for collectors of any toy soldiers. They are, in many ways, better than the original paper ones and they're available in many more styles and designs than ever before. *Also suitable for other 1/32 scale sets like Herald, Timpo, Swoppets, Airfix, etc.
· Size: Flag width: 40mm / Pole height: 80mm (Pole diameter: 1.75mm)
· Fully Authentic Design
· Printed on Waterproof, UV light and Tear Resistant Vinyl (Matt Varnish Finish)
· Fitted to a purpose moulded, polypropylene, golden brown flagpole
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