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Russian Empire Flag (World War I)

Russian Empire Flag (World War I)

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"Flag of the Russian Empire (WW1)"

Russia was one of the main nations involved in the events of World War I. In fact, Russia was one of the main contributing nations to the causes of World War I following the assassination of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914. As well, Russia participated in several significant battles of the war. For example, Russian soldiers fought along the Eastern Front against others such as Austria-Hungary and Germany. During World War I, Russia was one of the Allied Powers alongside Britain and France. The war also proved impactful for Russia in that it helped lead to the events of the Russian Revolution.​ (©History Crunch)


Ideal for Toy Collectors, Gamers and Enthusiasts, this flag is made from high quality vinyl, wrapped and fitted to purpose made plastic flag pole. Designed primarily for 1/32 Scale Toy Soldiers.
Inspired by the Britains Deetail range*, Britains Flags have been recreated using only the best modern-day, high-quality printing methods. This means that they are of a superior finish and are long lasting and perfect for collectors of any toy soldiers. They are, in many ways, better than the original paper ones and they're available in many more styles and designs than ever before. *Also suitable for other 1/32 scale sets like Herald, Timpo, Swoppets, Airfix, etc.
· Size: Flag width: 40mm / Pole height: 80mm (Pole diameter: 1.75mm)
· Fully Authentic Design
· Printed on Waterproof, UV light and Tear Resistant Vinyl (Matt Varnish Finish)
· Fitted to a purpose moulded, polypropylene, golden brown flagpole
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