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German WW2 Balkenkreuz Cross Stickers (for Kubelwagen, etc.) Britains Deetail Repro

German WW2 Balkenkreuz Cross Stickers (for Kubelwagen, etc.) Britains Deetail Repro

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"Britains Deetail Repro German WW2 Balkenkreuz Cross Stickers for Kubelwagen, Kettenkrad or PAK Gun"

See images as a guide to the look, size, cutting and position.

BRITAINS DEETAIL STYLE German WW2 Kubelwagen OR Kettenkrad OR Cannon PAK Gun (etc) Labels/Stickers (High Quality) for 1/32 Scale Vehicles. Could also be used for other 1:32 Scale vehicles across other toy ranges but these are designed with the Britains German Range in mind.

Are you missing or want to replace World War Two German Balkenkreuz Cross stickers for your BRITAINS DEETAIL (or compatible 1/32 Scale) Toys? Restore your vehicle to toy shop condition by using these repro stickers which are superior quality whilst retaining a very authentic finish. The Balkenkreuz ("beam cross" or "bar cross") is a straight-armed cross that was first introduced in 1916-1918 and later became the emblem of the Wehrmacht (German Armed Forces) and its branches from 1935 until the end of World War II. This one is designed in direction size and shape to the one used by Britains Deetail in the 1970s and beyond.

As a professional designer I have taken the designs and recreated them using the best modern-day, high-quality printing methods. This makes them long lasting, superior finish and ideal for collectors of these beloved toy soldiers.


Ideal for Toy Collectors, Gamers and Enthusiasts, these stickers are made from high quality vinyl. Designed primarily for the 1/32 Scale Britains Deetail range.
· 2 Crosses on 1 small sheet*
· Waterproof, Tear-resistant & UV light resistant

*PLEASE NOTE: You will be required to cut out the elements individually (although it is pretty simple and not too time consuming if you cut using sharp scissors or a scalpel - the stickers are self-adhesive and have a peel off backing).
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