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36-star Union Stars and Stripes 'Great Star' Flag (US Civil War, North)

36-star Union Stars and Stripes 'Great Star' Flag (US Civil War, North)

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"The Flags of the Union: 36-star 'Great Star' Flag"

One of the most sought after star patterns on American flags is the "Grand Luminary" or "Great Star" pattern, which consists of the smaller stars being arranged to form one great star on the canton. The pattern was designed by Captain Samuel Chester Reid of the United States Navy in 1818. The task set upon by Captain Reid was to design a pattern that would allow for increasing the number of stars on the flag, yet maintain a common distinctive pattern on the flag. While the concept was intriguing and resulted in some of the most interesting and beautiful flags known today, the design was not officially adopted by Congress.

Great Star patterns were made from the early 19th century, and were a favourite design during the Civil War, but their use tapered off following the Civil War as the star counts began to make even the Great Star unwieldy, and they all but disappeared from manufacture by the late 19th century. (©


Ideal for Toy Collectors, Gamers and Enthusiasts, this flag is made from high quality vinyl, wrapped and fitted to purpose made plastic flag pole. Designed primarily for 1/32 Scale Toy Soldiers.
Inspired by the Britains Deetail range*, Britains Flags have been recreated using only the best modern-day, high-quality printing methods. This means that they are of a superior finish and are long lasting and perfect for collectors of any toy soldiers. They are, in many ways, better than the original paper ones and they're available in many more styles and designs than ever before. *Also suitable for other 1/32 scale sets like Herald, Timpo, Swoppets, Airfix, etc.
· Size: Flag width: 40mm / Pole height: 80mm (Pole diameter: 1.75mm)
· Fully Authentic Design
· Printed on Waterproof, UV light and Tear Resistant Vinyl (Matt Varnish Finish)
· Fitted to a purpose moulded, polypropylene, golden brown flagpole
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